Who we are

Founded in 1981, a MORBEL, Mármores e Granitos de Viseu, LDA, is a company dedicated to the transformation of marble and granite in order to deliver the requirements of the client. and shape what nature has to offer. With specialized work, allied to increasingly specialized equipment, the company wants to always guarantee the highest quality and satisfaction of the customers offering to them a wide range of products. MORBEL, is a company focused on the constant demand for quality, bets on the implementation of the system of quality management.


Morbel’s mission is to be an innovative company, of reference in the  transformation sector of granites and marbles. In order to achieve that, relies on the excellence of its products and services.


Have sustained growth based on honest and responsible work, seeking the excellence and satisfaction of its clients.

Quality Policy

Focused on a constant search for quality, Morbel bets on the Implementation of the Quality Management System.

The company assumes the following principles in its Quality Policy:

  • Commitment to customer satisfaction is the main goal of our work. Therefore, the contractual requirements, wishes and expectations of our customers are the only standard to establish the quality requirements of our services. We look for a relationship of Loyalty and Trust.
  • Provide quality products that meet the expectations of our customers.
  • The quality of our products and services are the result of planned and systematic actions of prevention, detection and correction, leading to the continuous improvement of all processes.
  • Bet on training, motivation and inclusion of human resources in all processes, making everyone feel responsible for the quality of the company.

CE Marking

The CE Marking indicates that a product complies with European legislation, the harmonized European standards and can move freely within the internal market.

By adding the CE marking on a product, the manufacturer declares, on his sole responsibility, the conformity of the product with all the legal requirements needed to obtain the CE mark.

The CE marking covers categories of products under specific directives which provide for the CE marking to be compulsory.


Standards to which the products are subject:

EN 1341    –  Lajes de pedra natural para pavimentos exteriores

EN 1343    –  Placas para revestimentos de paredes

EN 12058  –  Placas para pavimentos e degraus

EN 1469    –  Placas para revestimentos de paredes

EN 12440  –  Natural Stone. Denomination criteria

EN 13373  –  Natural Stone Test methods.